Tech Tip 03: Backpack Gear Guide

I carry way too much tech gear in my bag on a daily basis but I figure some readers of this blog may find some of it handy so I'm going to break down all of the gadgets I carry and why I carry them. Below I give a brief description of each item and at the bottom of the post I have links to where you can purchase the mentioned products.

Silicon Power 64GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive
You never know when your going to need a flash drive, weather its to give some large files over to a peer or print something. These things always come in handy and the USB 3.0 speed of this Silicon Power drive doesn't hurt either.




Anker Astro3 12000mAh Portable Power Bank
Once you start carrying a portable battery pack you'll never go without. I now have various portable batteries but I find the Astro3 to be the best fit for a backpack, its not too big and bulky but it has a large capacity that can fully charge a typical smartphone around 7 times.  Having a portable power bank can really be a life saver when you are putting in long days at school and drain your phone half way through the day.

HooToo TripMate Wireless Portable Travel Router
Most people will have no real world need for this product but I still think its neat and more often then not I carry it in my backpack.  If you need to create a wireless access point and only have a wired connection then this handy little device will let you do just that. It is also great for computers that do not have an ethernet jack and creating a local file sharing network.  

Kensington Remote Control for Projector
The program I'm in requires us to present a lot and this remote control has become an invaluable part of my presentation routine. This Kensington presenter has all the basic functions you need and also a "blackout" button that can black out the screen and draw the attention back to the presenter. This particular model also includes a laser pointer even tho I rarely use that function, some may find it handy.  The USB dongle also tucks away into the handle of the remote making it harder to misplace. 

Thunderbolt to VGA adapter
Along with the Presentation remote this is a must for doing presentation at school. All of the projector systems at my campus have only the older VGA connection for video input, which most modern computers including my own do not have.  This adapter connects to the Thunderbolt port of a MacBook or other laptop and outputs the video signal to VGA.



If you have something you carry in your bag you think I should know about or have any other suggestion