Tech Tip 01: Best way to charge your Smartphone

How do you charge your smartphone?

If your answer is by using the included charger, you are simply doing it wrong....

The charger included with most smartphones does not usually support the full speed at which most devices can charge.  Most people will never know that there is a faster option and think that phones just take that long to charge. This just simply is not true.  Most people I have shared this tip with in the past now swear by these faster chargers and can't go back.  

First off, using these higher powered chargers does not void any kind of warranty on your device or pose any harm to it. Modern smartphones and other devices are designed to be compatible with these faster chargers.

For my example, I am going to be using an iPhone, but the situation is very similar for any other phone including many Samsung models, HTC phones, as well as phones and tablets from other manufactures.

The iPhone comes with a 5W 2.1A USB power adapter in the box. If you have an iPad, that came with a 12W 2.4A USB power adapter.  You can use that iPad power adapter with your iPhone and charge it twice as quickly.   Tech mumbo-jumbo aside, the more watts & amps your USB power adapter has the faster your device will charge.

Ok so now that I have convinced you that you need a new charger, allow me to recommend some of my top picks.

One of my favourite accessory brands is Anker.  Anker makes great products with very competitive prices, I own many Anker products myself including all of the ones I am about to recommend in this blog post.  Anker products come standard with an 18-month warranty and offer great customer support.  I have had to deal with their customer support and warranty in the past and was treated very well with speedy service, having sent me a replacement product within a week.

Anker® 20W Dual-Port USB Wall Charger: This handy dual-port USB wall plug is small and easily fits into any bag or backpack.  It has fold out wall prongs and 2 USB ports.  The unit is 20 Watts and 4 Amps (2.4 Amps max per outlet).  I personally carry one in my backpack and it allows me to charge my own phone and someone else's if needed.


Anker® 40W 5-Port Family-Sized Desktop USB Wall Charger: This unit is ideal for at home use as it can charge up to 5 USB devices at once. Overall, this charger is 40 Watts and 8 Amps and maximizes the output to each device depending on how many devices are connected and how much power each device requires.  I put one on my desk and now never have to fuss with power strips and individual power bricks to charge multiple devices.

Anker® 24W Dual-Port Rapid USB Car Charger: This charger is similar to the 20W Dual-Port USB wall charger except it is designed to be used in your car.  It plugs into the standard cigarette port in any car and gives you 2 USB outlets to charge your device and a passengers.


Anker® Lightning to USB Cable 3ft: Now that you have all of these great new chargers you will probably need some extra USB cables.  If you have Apple devices with the Lightning connector then I recommend this Anker Lightning cable. It is Apple MFI (Made for iPhone) certified and the cable is rated for 4,000+ bends. I can not stress how important it is not to use off-brand Lightning cables as they can damage your device.  This Anker 3ft Lightning cable is not only one of the lowest cost MFI Lightning cables on the market but it also has a build quality not topped by other brands. 

Anker® Premium 3ft Micro USB Cable: Just like the Anker Lightning to USB cable these micro USB cables are great value for money and are great quality.  They are also rated for 4,000+ bends at the connectors and carry Anker's 18-month warranty. They come in a variety of lengths as well as in several packages of multiple cables, see the Amazon listing for more information. 



Below are links for the products mentioned in the above post.  Anker products are fulfilled by Amazon and are eligible for free 2-day Prime shipping if you are an Amazon Prime customer.